Tbilvino Mukuzani Dry Red 75Cl (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

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Tbilvino Mukuzani Dry Red 75Cl

Wine has a well-preserved grape flavor with undertones of ripe cherry, vanilla, and spices. Its velvety taste is well balanced with tannins, pleasantly blending with a flavor of oak. Wine has a long-lasting, pleasant aftertaste. Fermentation: The grape juice is fermented at a controlled temperature of 14/16°C, in stainless steel tanks. Tasting Notes: Pleasantly transparent, it offers a rich bouquet of fruit aroma. In the mouth it is slightly fruity and light. Food pairing: Great with grilled meats, roast pork, lamb, and a bevy of hearty stews. A definite must for meat lovers.

  • CountryGEORGIA