Fabbrizii Gin Rusagni 70cl

172 AED

This is a superior Gin, warm in taste and color, that not only improves the most classic cocktails, from a traditional Gin&Tonic to a Negroni, but is ripe for discovery and experimentation in the new art of mixology. It is a compound gin with a golden color, made with a juniper berry infusion and local herbs, with added citrus notes. Rusagni (rus agni, latin for “village filled with lambs”) is Rezzoaglio’s old name in the local dialect. Ingredients: water, alcohol, juniper berries, aromatic herbs, citrus peels.

  • CountryITALY
  • Food PairingCOCKTAILS
  • Type of BeverageSPIRITS, GIN