1 Aviva Pink Gold 75Cl + 1 Aviva Blue Sky 75Cl

74 AED 148 AED
Aviva Pink Gold 75Cl

A fine bubble sparkling wine with a delicious taste on the palate, fresh, fruity and easy to drink. AVIVA reminds you of all of the flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean. Elaborated through natural processes and with a low alcohol content. Following in the footsteps of the worlds wine experts and their know how. A drink that shows the nuances inside and outside.

Aviva Blue Sky 75Cl

With the Aviva series, Torre Oria brings a new interpretation of sparkling wine to the market. The bottles have a special colour effect when moved. With the Bodega Torre Oria Aviva Blue Sky comes a wonderful sparkling wine in the glass. It offers a wonderfully brilliant platinum yellow colour. In the middle, the tone changes into a beautiful color. Ideally poured into a sparkling wine glass, this sparkling wine from the Old World reveals wonderfully youthful aromas of orange, pomelo, grapefruit and physalis, rounded off by further fruity nuances. On the palate, the texture of this light-footed sparkling wine is wonderfully light.

  • CountrySPAIN